Kentuck Day Festival

*** 2020 Update ***

Kentuck Days is still on for 2020, and happening on July 25th. We did lose the Forest County Chamber of Commerce booth this year as they will longer offer that booth as an option but we will still be running our own booth as a fundraiser for our next two mission trips. Come and see us on July 25th at the Mission Keepers food booth for Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, Hot Dogs, Brats and Cotton Candy!

In July of 2019 we received a call from the Forest County Chamber of Commerce. The Kentuck Days Festival was happening that Saturday and their team running the booth had cancelled on them. They needed someone to jump in and run the booth with an extremely short notice. Mission Keepers was tossed around as a possibility of picking it up and the ladies at the Chamber reached out to us. God is good and always provides. We were able to pull together 10 volunteers and enough food and drinks in a matter of a few days to pull it off! This turned into a huge event for us surpassing any fundraiser we had ever done before. The chamber seemed please in our ability to get it done and offered this booth to us for every Kentuck Days going forward and we accepted! We are excited to come back in 2020 and do the event again with a little more time to prepare!