How to be Saved!

What it Means to be Saved by Jesus

Being Saved by Jesus Christ means you have accepted Him as your Savior and He has forgiven your sins. You are reborn, spiritually as a Christian and granted everlasting life in heaven. This also means you get to start your life over. The mistakes you have made in your life, the sins you have committed, have been wiped away by the blood of Jesus Christ.

You are a new person, to be reborn isn’t a physical rebirth but a spiritual one. Your soul has been refreshed and now the Holy Spirit resides within you. God is always listening, but now you will take Him with you where ever you go. Your new journey as a Christian begins by building a relationship with Jesus Christ. Pray and read the bible daily. Prayer is your lifeline to God, the bible is your How-To manual on how to live your life, use them!

How can I be Saved by Jesus?

The first step in being saved is understanding and accepting the sacrifice Jesus made for us all. Jesus, the Son of God, gave His life on the cross so that we could be forgiven from our sins and have everlasting life with Him in heaven. He paid the ultimate price with His life so that we could be cleansed and reborn with a clean soul.

When you are ready to accept Jesus as your Savior it means you believe within your heart that Jesus was the Son of God, He died on the cross for our sins, and three days later he rose from the dead so that our sins could be forgiven and we could be granted everlasting life through him in Heaven.  When you understand and believe in all this, speak directly to God from within your heart using the simple prayer below to be Saved!

Accept Christ as your Savior!

“Lord Jesus, please forgive me for the sins of my life. I accept You as my Savior and I accept Your sacrifice on the cross for my sins.  I invite You to enter my life today and help me to follow Your ways. Please accept me as your child as I accept You as my father, my Lord, My Savior, Amen”

If you said the above prayer to God, blessed are you today! Congratulations and welcome to the family of God. Please follow the link below and let us know you said this prayer so we can pray for you and your new journey with Christ in your life – God Bless.

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