Belize Mission Trip 2017

From left to right: Jadine Fritzler, Craig Fritzler, Dominic, Ray Jr, Madelin, Raymond Sr, and Kim Keepers


What was our main focus on the trip?

We were there mainly to help out Craig and Jadine Fritzler in any way we could. It’s very difficult for a group to visit a new area, preach the Gospel to strangers and expect them to give their lives to the Lord. This normally takes time, sometimes it can take years. You need to build relationships with the people in the area and better understand who they are. If you live among them, then doors will begin to open as they have for the Fritzler‚Äôs who have been in Belize for almost 11 years now.


What does Craig do?

Craig is all over the place. He works a lot with other missionaries in the area. He teaches a 3-year Bible Study coarse that comes with a degree. He is embedded with the City Council of Belmopan and offers a Christian voice among those in power in the country. He is part of a missionary group that builds homes for locals in need This January they are putting up their 100th home!


What does Jadine do?

Her main focus is the Hope for Life pregnancy center. She opens the door to local women to come in for counseling, and valuable resources can be earned through educating life skill classes. They do not simply give hand outs but require women in need to earn points in a variety of ways which educate them to better sustain their family. These points can then be used to purchased items such as diapers, food, clothing and other materials needed to care for young children. She also has bible study classes at the center.


Youth Ministries

Craig and Jadine are also very involved with the youth ministries and take on foster children when a need arises.

Bethany, their daughter, along with her husband Kaylin, do a lot of work and assist with youth ministries. They run a Middle School youth group, pick up kids for church, and assist with foster care. Bethany runs a dance class where she spreads the gospel. They also provide a study for Youth looking to dig more into the Bible.


Project Work and Mission Photos

Poverty in Belize

Youth in Belize