We Welcome You to our Website!

Welcome to Mission Keepers. What is Mission Keepers? We are a family that lives in the Northwoods of Wisconsin chasing after the Lord and His plans for us. Sometimes it can be tough to decipher what those plans may be, but as long as we strive to glorify God in everything we do, we are doing His work.

In 2016 I made a life changing decision to live that life serving God instead of serving myself. Looking for where He was working around me I began to see open doors and we as a family took the steps needed to walk through. He has led our family into short term mission work around the world as opportunities arise, but more importantly, we continue to serve God in our day to day routines no matter what that might look like. We are always on mission, whether it be at school, at work, participating in youth groups, helping those in our own community in need or simply spending time with family. We have to be willing to give the reins to God and let him drive our lives to accomplish what He has planned for us. You will be amazed at how the Holy Spirit will fulfill your life when you allow Him to lead you!

We are currently working with several missionary groups around the US. We thank you for visiting our page! Have a look around and contact us here with any questions you may have. God Bless!

Seen above is the Keepers family: Raymond Keepers Father, Kimberly Keepers Mother and from left to right Dominic, Madelin and Ray Jr. along with Rambo their Yorkie Poo.